What Make Us Different?
Not all Tipper Bodies are Made Equal!

The key factor that make us difference is the type of steel under the paint – Hardox® wear plate! The steels used to build the tipper bodies have 1,250 MPa tensile strength and 450 HB brinell hardness.

The conventional rectangular tipper bodies constructed by mild steel need horizontal and vertical stiffeners to add the strength, but it will contribute more dead weight and more dents from impact to the body. The stiffeners creates washboard on the floor board thus need higher inclination angle to unload.

Armstrong’s tipper bodies constructed in half pipe design which require no stiffeners under the floor board and side walls to provide additional strength. The curved floor stands up impact better than the flat floor. The force generated by the materials is deflected when it dropped onto the bodies. This design which required no stiffeners translates into a lighter body that can handle more payloads. The half pipe design will concentrate the loads in the center of the body and provide smooth dump of the loads. One piece formed floor plate and side walls allow for the eliminating of stiffeners without affecting the durability and longevity of the structure.

The Swedish high strength steel will flex and bounce back, however the mild steel will permanent deformed due to the impact of the loads.

Why Armstrong' Body?
  • Increased Service Life
  • Great Impact Resistance
  • Reduced Deformation
  • Higher Load Capacity
  • Reduced Tare Weight
  • Increased Payload
  • Improve Fuel Efficiency
  • Lower Center Of Gravity, Lower Risk to Roll Over
  • 45° Curved Floor Avoid Loads Sticking on the Corner
  • Flat Internal Face Make Lower Tipping Angle and Faster Discharge Rate
  • Flat Outer Face Allowed Decals to Promote Company Business
  • 2K Painting for Rust Protection and Superior Finishes
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