KEEP CALM AND DONí»T PANIC - FULL LOCKDOWN IS THE BEST OPTION Automatic tarpaulin system is an advanced *full lockdown* tarping solution for contains and protects your payload. SAFETY : It does not require the drivers to go up and down the tipper body to roll and fold the canvas, and even to hook or unhook the cables. PRODUCTIVITY : More trips per day with an automatic tarpaulin system because it takes only 20 seconds to cover the loads. MAXIMUM PROTECTION : The loads are completely closed up inside the tipper body to protect from rain and wind. QUALITY : The integrity of the structure reduced the maintenance needs.

Armstrong RM-10U Tipping Body

Hardox body has high strength, extreme hardness and guaranteed toughness in one and the same tipper body. This combination pf properties gives you superior wear and dent resistance and structural performance.

ARMSTRONG TIPPER - 6 X 4 Hardox tipper

Antara Logistic is providing a worthwhile investment on upgrading his traditional tipper bodies to Hardox. The results: Reduced tare weight, reduced deformation, higher impact resistance, increased payload, longer service life, improced fuel efficiency, greater volume and less maintenance. Hardox keeps your tipper trucks, and your businnes up and running, day after day, year after year. Website : Facebook:

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